Movie review: Angadi Theru

Vasanthabalan, who gave a powerful movie Veyil a few years ago, is back with Angadi Theru (the bazaar road). Te movie has all the ingredients that one would associate with good movies. It has a realistic backdrop, adequate homework, strong storyline, an engaging screenplay and the artistes that could deliver what the director needs. So the movie is surely a winner despite the length and cinematic liberties mar the impact.

Angadi Theru

The way the director exposes the inhuman conditions prevailing in some of the huge business centers is astonishing. The portrayal of the plight of the workers and the cruelty of the employers may look exaggerated but it definitely underlines the hitherto unspoken conditions of these poor youngsters that flock to Chennai to find livelihood.

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Angadi Theru is set in the famous market place Ranganathan Street in T.Nagar. Vasanthabalan dares to portray the cruelty that lies beneath the shining and imposing walls of a huge show room. He depicts the horrible environment in which the hapless workers are forced to live in. They live like almost animals or bonded labours. They don’t have the freedom to eat with dignity. They don’t have a good place to sleep. They don’t even have the right to fall in love.

Take Sundarapandi’s case. When his love gets exposed he refuses to accept the truth fearing of losing his job. The poor girl, exposed and insulted has no other go than killing herself. The shop is closed for sometime and the life moves on from the next day. This is the reality of the life within the glitzy show room.

Jyothi Lingam (Mahesh) is a bright student studying with a dream to make his family rich. He is forced to come to Ranganathan Stereet as a sales boy, as his father, the sole breadwinner of the family, dies unexpectedly. He comes to Chennai along with his friend Marimuthu and joins Senthil Murugan Stores, the huge shop in the street, run by the big Annachi.

The sales boys and girls have to work in pitiable conditions from early in the morning to late night. Jyothi Lingam (Lingu in short) meets Kani (Anjali) a fiery independent girl. They get attracted to each other amidst the horrible conditions. They get to work under a cruel and lustful store supervisor Karungali (director A Venkatesh), who beats up the boys and molests the girls when they are found guilty according to the bizarre standards set by him.

The lovers get into trouble and become the target of the torturous treatment of the management. The movie however, ends with a positive note where the leading characters takes on the life with self confidence and hard work.

Angadi Theru tells you some disturbing truths about how young people are put under prison like conditions for survival. The scene where a love struck sales girl jumping out of the fourth floor of the shop will surely give you a shock. It is heartening to see that despite all hardships and plights the movie ends with a positive note. The director, who depicts the cruelty of life without any compromise, doesn’t shun away from showing the positive characters like the visually impaired old man and the youngster, who takes up the job of maintaining the public toilet.

The slow pace and too many sub plots make a negative impact on the impact movie. Kadaigalai Pesum (tune by GV Prakash) and Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai (Vijay Antony) are quite melodious.

Jayamohan’s dialogues are sharp, poignant and satirical. Richard M Nathan’s camera work is brilliant. The shots taken in during nights are awesome. Muthuraj’s art work beautifully recreates the market place and the interiors of the textile shop.

Mahesh as Lingu and Anjali as Kani have done remarkably well. Mahesh, who makes his debut, doesn’t show any shades of a newcomer. He handles the role with ease and comes up with triumph colours. Anjali looks beautiful without make up and handles her role with amazing command. She adds colour to the otherwise disturbing movie. Director Venkatesh as the cruel supervisor has done a neat job.

Vasanthabalan must be applauded for courageously presenting us a film that looks into the darker side of the glittery world of massive show rooms. The movie has some flaws that mar the impact but the overall impression is as positive as the message of the movie itself.

Published On : Mar 27, 2010


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