Movie Review: Naan Ee

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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S.S. Rajamouli’s Naan Ee (Tamil version of Eaga in Telugu) has created a lot of expectation among Tamil audiences. The movie also had a decent opening though it doesn’t have any star power other than Samantha. Let us see if the movie has lived up to the expectation.Rajamouli is known for his stories based on fantasy and grand making.

Naan Ee is no exception.  It is not a sci-fiction as it was touted by the producers but it is a decent entertainer with loads of computer graphics and twists in the tale.'Naan Ee' is a bold attempt as it takes up a fantasy theme with a storyline that is about a man who is re-born as a fly and goes about taking revenge on his killer.

 Naan Ee

The storyline goes like this: Sudeep (Sudeep), a flirtatious businessman who lures every girl he meets. But he finds it hard to lure Bindu and he finds that her love towards Nani is the hurdle.He then kills Nani and makes it look like an accident. He then gears up his efforts to lure Bindu.But Nani gets a re-birth as a house-fly and tries to take revenge on Sudeep. The efforts of the fly make Sudeep’s life miserable. Bindu too join hands with the fly to take revenge on Sudeep. The rest of the movie is all about how they take revenge against a powerful man.Rajamouli has ensured that the movie has a right mix of comedy, emotions and revenge/drama. 'Naan Ee' is high on special effects and computer graphics. Maragadhamani's music especially the peppy background score need appreciation.Naan Ee is sure to entertain children but it doesn’t mena that it wont appeal to the adults. It has enough ingredients to be an entertainment for all.The director has gone overboard in some scenes when the fly communicates its feeling through writing.The director has got the best out of the cast including Nani, Samantha and Kannada star Sudeep. In fact Sudeep takes a major chunk of the honours.  He steals the show with his power packed performance. Nani gets a small role and handles it well.Santhanam appearing in a couple of scenes ensures some hilarious moments with the company of Crazy Mohan. This Ee flies high.