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Movie Review: 'Panithuli'

Movie Review: 'Panithuli'

September 24, 2015

PanithuliWell begun is half-done, it is said. However, the same doesn't hold true always. Ganesh Venkatraman's maiden venture as solo hero - 'Panithuli' probably falls in this category. The film directed by Natty Kumar and Dr Jay is one such as it meanders after a very promising start.  

The film tries to take a look at the life of youth, which goes for a spin after he loses his powers of memory temporarily and how his love life is affected as a result. Ganesh, who had made his presence felt in films like 'Unnaipol Oruvan' and 'Abhiyum Naanum' earlier, does a pretty neat job but the tardy pace is a dampener.

Panithuli, which has sophisticated and stylish look, could have been enjoyable had the directors concentrated more on the tempo and the credibility of the turning points.

The movie revolves around romance but the director duo has ensured that there is also some supsense in the involved. Somehow despite their best efforts, one can gets the feeling that something is missing.

Music is by Agnel Roman and Faizan Hussain and their mix of peppy and soft melodies stands out.

Coming to the story, Shiva (Ganesh Venkatraman) is a IT graduate, who is in love with Archana (Kalpana Pandiat), a medical student. Shiva manages to get a lucrative job in the US. Even as things looks hunky-dory, Archana throws a spanner in the works, so to say and lays down some conditions. The heroine's father gives his nod to her marriage with the protagonist but tell him that he should not call up or try to meet his daughter for the next one year.

A couple of years down the line, Shiva looks like a new man. He is seen romancing a colleague of his Maya (Shibana Shankar) and appears to forgetten Archana. There is a twist when one fine evening, he is suddenly drawn to his past. Thoughts about Archana surge forward.

He meets his doctor only to be told that he had met with a road accident and suffered from amnesia. Gathering his thoughts, Shiva decides to contact Archana. But fate brings her to the US where they meet each and she doesn't believe Shiva on his amnesia claims.

This leads to a cat-and-mouse game as Shiva is drawn towards his fiancée, while Maya is behind him. Whom does the hero marry finally forms the rest of the movie.

Ganesh, a former model, looks to be an appropriate choice and he does what is expected of him. The handsome hunk hogs the limelight with a neat portrayal but an amateurish script sort of pulls his good work down.

The female leads Kalpana Pandit and Shibana Sankar are competent.

C J Rajkumar's cinematography and art by Logu and Subhashini Krishnamurthy add strength to the movie.

'Panithuli' lacks in pace and credible scenes and hence it falls short of its potential.