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Movie Review : 'Mugamoodi'

Movie Review : 'Mugamoodi'

September 24, 2015

Is Mugamoodi, Mysskin's answer to Hoolywood? He has made an attempt to create a local Super Hero a la Hollywood.

Mugamoodi - movie review

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A gang of thieves, that goes around the country 'cleaning up' houses, sets foot in Chennai and runs riot in the city. The city police form a special team, headed by Nasser to nab these thieves. While the cops are at it, our Hero, a kung fu practitioner, wanting to become the Bruce Lee of Chennai, of course, falls in love with Nasser's daughter, played by Pooja Hegde.  

The movie has the usual story line, with the Hero in Superman attire, fooling only the heroine, going after the villains, failing, falling and then of course....
The climax reveals if Jiiva succeeds in getting hold of the gang and handing over to police and more important, did the heroine know he was the one in the maska and accept him?

Watch the movie to find out.

Mysskin sets up a racy tempo from the start and each scene has been crafted painstakingly. The first half is busy and interesting thanks to a tauscreen play. However, the second half belies our expectations. Not only does the movie slack, further interest in the proceedings is dampened since there is nothing 'new'.
Credit to be given to Jeeva, for his effort. His 2 roles as an aimless youth and later as a Super Hero have been delineated well.

Heroine, Pooja Hegde, limited in many ways,does a limited role in which she is able to express in a limited way.
Naren as villain is able to create the right image, though his antics in the latter part of the movie fall flat and look silly.

Nasser is his usual Mr. Perfect, but the kung fu teacher, palyed by Selva character is apthetic, to say the least.
It is beyond comprehension how you can have a weak, emaciated, starved for food look, teacher teaching a martial art. A men The Director says, that all those who watch this movie with no great expectations, will enjoy it.
Go with an open mind and you will come back thinking that may be this 'Mugamoodi' is a Super Hero after all.