'Nayyandi' single

'Nayyandi' single

The single track sung by Dhanush "Teddy Bear" for the film Nayyandi made its entry in a quirky Video game style. The song packed with octane energy of Dhanush's vocals makes you bolt up and wonder what Ghibran is up to! Those days every single kid used to relish the games Mario and Pac man, this song clubs juxtaposes the songs, added with the ever quirky vocals of Dhanush it is fun unleashed. 

From his days of 'Kolaveri', 'Voda Voda' the man has been singing either about lost love or winds up pulling the legs of girl clubs, and this song is no exception. The lyrics of the song are catchy and sure to go down amidst today's youth rather comfortably. Starting off with an electromagnetic pulse in the orchestration, it briefly paces up the folky segment. A playful and catchy tune, just to wait and watch!

Published On : Sep 18, 2013


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