An excitingly designed exercise program... More

Always a Child
Kajal got off her friend's car and saw her daughter Keya getting off from a bike and the bike zoom away. She frowned. "Who was that? Do I know him?"... More

Holding My Little Finger
He would return from work and fill every bucket, every mug with water before it stopped after freshening up and before having his evening tea.... More


3 steps to wealth and prosperity
Feng Shui works by first identifying... More

Symbols for Education Luck
Feng Shui good fortune symbols can be used to activate and enhance academic success.... More

Increase your wealth with vaastu
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Is Your Middler Schooler Bored?
There are options to keep your child who may need more challenges engaged.What should you do if your middle-schooler is bored at school? The most common reason, experts say... More

7 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in Middle School
Hormones and changing bodies, peer pressure, bullies and crushes: Is it any wonder that some middle school... More

Is your child picky?
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Four must eat white vegetables
New York, April 18 (IANS) If white coloured clothes have a soothing effect on people, eating white vegetables is beneficial too and you should include more of cauliflower and garlic in your diet.... More

Yoga may be the answer to infertility
Los Angeles, April 17 (IANS) Too much stress... More

Is beautiful skin attributed to DNA or routine skin care?
A recent survey in Tamil Nadu, conducted by A C Nielsen, a global marketing research... More


Is beautiful skin attributed to DNA or routine skin care?
Is beautiful skin attributed to DNA or routine skin care?... More

Tips to look good after a long haul flight
Los Angeles, April 17 (IANS) A long flight takes a toll not only... More

Simple tips for Shiny hair
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Stuffed potatoes
Stuffed potatoes... More

Chocolate Banana Bread
Prep: 10 mins... More

Salsa Chicken
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C)... More

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Captain's Campaign
Can he help BJP open its account?


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