Over coming exam fear

Exam FearOur brain can remember everything and interpret them well, more than a computer. Its working nature seems to be a mystery, i.e., it is tough to forget the thing one wishes to forget, and it is difficult to remember the thing one wishes to remember. Alarms and schedulers can ease one in this condition. Anyhow, for all learners, the brain’s cooperation is very much essential. When one gets tensed or is fearful, one can often go blank as if the condition / situation / circumstance had formatted their brain.

“Knowledge is power”. To attain that, children are now pressurised to journey with studies and schooling for gaining it. Parents just ride roughshod on their children to reach their aims or goals. Many times many parents make their children tense and nervous about exams. Of course, fear (within limits) is good, since it may draw more attention and care. But they should understand that for good, efficient learning and perfection in presentation, good parenting with encouragement, good teachers, good institution, (of course, good student), etc., are very essential.

March will be a dreaded season or a tension period for children (more for parents too) due to exam fear. Parents will sacrifice TV, outings, tours, sleep, etc., for the sake of their children’s studies. In spite of it all, if they find that their children could not cope with the situation and lose their concentration, they will often become frustrated, irritated and worried. Also, parents would often complain that their children are studying well but not scoring well. At this juncture, they need to encourage their children than blaming them and should go for analysis of the cause to rectify / treat it.

One’s incompetence and ignorance usually debar them from their activities unless good luck plays a major role. So, taking this issue for business, nowadays lots and lots of products, including health drinks, come into the market, claiming that they can make the brain work to develop IQ (intelligence quotient). Actually speaking, it is difficult to prove the gain of IQ, since it needs not only brain boosters but also one’s interest in learning, ability, tendency to concentrate, good teaching, favourable circumstances, etc. Here brain needs more exercises than just a brain booster - Learning and recalling – just like contraction and relaxation of muscles as we do for our physique. Squeezing the brain during childhood is good for one’s life in future. Here one needs to remember the old proverb

  • I hear – I forget
    I see – I remember
    I do – I understand and will never forget

Exams and assessment – Exams are not always easy going. Exams are conducted to honour our intellect. Here one can aim for topper / achiever / champion to be proud of oneself or to make their parents proud. Good learning, keeping everything in mind, recalling the things when there arises a need, perfection in doing things and seriousness in presentation will lead one always to the top. Perhaps, built in behaviour or habit development will always be needed to perform it. One should understand well that success is not easy to be got. You need to strain. The more we learn, the better we can perform without any fear or tension. Unwanted tension can precipitate exam fear.

Causes – are usually numerous, but the common causes are:

  • Lack of memory or forgetfulness
  • Fear of punishments from parents / teachers
  • Bad past experiences
  • Improper learning i.e. studying not in depth
  • Inattentive / distracted mind
  • Lack of self-confidence / hopelessness / inferiority complex
  • Health problems

Symptoms – Some would just fear in succeeding / scoring high marks, some other would fear and sweat, and some others would sink and faint in addition. Some others get tremors, nervousness, sometimes they find it difficult to control passing of urine and stool.

Likewise, exam fear can cause a variety of symptoms. The common symptoms are:

  • Feeling blank or vagueness before exam
  • Difficulty in concentrating and studying while preparing for exams
  • Fear to appear for exams
  • Getting tensed on seeing difficult questions
  • Difficulty in expressing / presentation even for known answers due to fear or inferiority complex
  • Confusion and hopelessness
  • Sweating and racing heart
  • Dizziness due to sleepless study
  • Tension and worries

Prevention and management – Learning, keeping it in memory, recalling when needed, presentation, etc. everything needs skill and habit development.

For students - Hygiene should not be excluded while caring for the brain. Health consciousness should be more during the exam period or otherwise every effort taken in studying will go in vain. Take plenty of vegetables, dairy products, cereals, pulses, nuts, etc. Also, be aware that it is not worth just supplementing without any exercises, i.e., only an active body keeps an energetic brain. Also never overload your stomach, since it may induce sleep.


  • Learn everything with good concentration and understanding
  • Keep everything in memory in inter-relationship
  • Revise in the mornings (early morning is the best time, since brain will be more active after a good sleep)
  • Prepare for exams right from the beginning and well in advance
  • Have confidence that you have learnt everything, you will remember everything, you will present everything and finally you will achieve your goal
  • Understand the question in depth, answer aptly in a cool manner, without any tension

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thank you i will try my level best
Posted by oormila on 18 Feb 2013 05:41 PM
I will try....... thanks
Posted by Shubham on 07 Jan 2013 05:35 PM
Posted by sairamkirite on 26 Oct 2012 10:45 PM

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