'Nadodigal' Abhinaya does the talking through lap-top

Actress AbhinayaDespite her innate impairments in hearing and talking, Abhinaya had made a lasting impression in the minds of movie-goers with her performance in Sasikumar's 'Nadodigal'. The film was a runaway hit and is being made in Telugu also. Each day, Abhinaya doesn't forget to carry her lap-top along with her through which she can converse with her fans and friends.

When scribes provide her with their hand-written queries, she immediately types out the answer on her lap-top. "I took to cinema mainly due to the natural curiosity and interest I had in films from right from my childhood. I would continue to act to see my mother's happiness-filled face whenever she watches me speaking (albeit in a dubbed voice) on the big screen," says the devoted daughter Abhinaya.

Abhinaya's father Anand Verma happens to be an ex-IAF personnel. Anand has done miniscule roles in many films during their stay in Kerala. Abhinaya, who had accompanied her father during the shooting sessions, says that she didn't find it difficult to face the camera for the first time for 'Nadodigal'. Now, there's another thing that Abhinaya can look forward to.

Anand has played a minor role in Kamal Haasan's 'Unnaipol Oruvan', due to release shortly. Abhinaya and her entire family are waiting with bated breath for the film to release to see their father back in action in a major film.

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Building Collapse in Porur
All builders are looked at with suspicion. Agree?


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