Radharavi takes on A R Rahman

A.R. RehmanMusic wizard A.R. Rehman's huge number of fans must be nursing a small grievance: when film industry fraternity in other States organize functions and events to honour Rahman on winning the Oscar award, Kollywood has so far not hosted any programme to congratulate Rehman. Radharavi, Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam (South Indian Cine Artistes' Association - SICAA), begs to differ on the issue and tells us the background.

"It was Nadigar Sangam which first brought up the idea of hosting a function to congratulate Oscar-winning Rehman. It was decided to host the function in close cooperation with the Tamil Film Producers' Council. Rahman was formally approached immediately on his return from U.S. to allot a date for holding the function" says Radharavi and adds that till date, Rehman hasn't given any dates for the function to be held.

Radharavi. "When he has the time to go to all the neighbouring States to attend the felicitation functions, how come he is unable to allot a few hours for us to hold the event? He is not even replying to our phone calls. I condemn it strongly in strictest terms," says Radharavi.

Rehman is the best person to given an answer, isn't it?

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Building Collapse in Porur
All builders are looked at with suspicion. Agree?


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