Siva Manasula Sakthi Movie Review

Cast: Jeeva, Anuya, Oorvasi, Santhanam and others Director: Rajesh
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vikatan Talkies, which had been producing only teleserials till now, has ventured out to mega-screen with 'Siva Manasula Sakthi' (SMS). The romantic film is not just about the love affair that brews between an educated middle-class girl and an illiterate youth, obviously from an economically backward background. The film has been woven with a sequence of interesting events though disjointed sequences consisting of the skirmishes between the lead pair two even as both of them fall for each other without being expressive.

Siva Manasula Sakthi

Jeeva plays Siva, a Courier boy who wanders around with a bundle of lies and some liquor to contend with. Sakthi (newcomer Anuya) works as a radio jockey at a local FM channel is an educated girl. Their first meeting paves way for an extended relationship, as each tries to get the better of the other in playing pranks.

Their successive interactions centre on how to pull each other's legs leads to an unsavoury situation.

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The film has many comic moments courtesy Santhanam and Jeeva's on-screen match, and has a liberal dose of sentiment too. It is however, highly disappointing that the major part of the movie lacks logic or reasoning. It would be a futile exercise to analyze the sequences which are apparently weak in content and style. The only aim of the director seems to be entertaining and he manages to make us laugh without bothering any finesse in the narrative.

Many scenes severally lack credibility. For example when Jeeva goes to meet Anuya, who had floored him in the train, how could he take his sister and mother with him? The clash point between the lovers and the twist before the climax (Siva's prank after their 'first' night) too leave much to be desired. Many such sequences are found throughout the film. Debutant Rajesh's thrust appears to be on making a movie that ensures just time pass.

Performance wise, Jeeva lives the character of Siva and his Chennai 'dialect' is very nice to listen to. Newcomer Anuya blossoms more in the sequences where she clashes with Jeeva than in the romantic sequences. The lass has a lot to learn in emoting more naturally.

Santhanam clearly announces to the whole world that he can now perform on his own and not under the shadow of other comedians. This might well turn out to be a landmark film for him, as his comic dialogues sends the audience in splits regularly

Oorvasi, the successful heroine of yesteryear, makes a comeback of sorts and shines in her own inimitable style in the role of an innocent mother.

SMS: This much hyped 'message' is worth just a few laughs and nothing else.

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