Getting closer with Rudrakshas

Rudrakshas“Anyone can wear a Rudraksha and only spiritual people wearing it are a myth,” clarifies Manish Gandhi of Rudralife, an organization involved in the research and development of Rudrakshas. Rudralife recently held an exhibition in the city featuring various types of Rudrakshas, bracelets, books on Rudrakshas etc.

A brain child of Kamal Narayan Seetha, Rudralife was founded way back in 1992 and is tested at an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Laboratory.

“Wearing a Rudraksha depends upon a person’s date of birth, star, occupation, his problems and strengths. We recommend here the suitable ones depending upon the planet position and his job.” Says Manish. He adds, “Rudrakshas are a gift to the mankind and it is said that they are tears of Shiv ji. The importance of these precious beads is found in Shiva Puranam, Padma Puranam etc.”

It is scientifically proven by the AIIMS, New Delhi that wearing a Rudraksha can cure diabetes, blood pressure as this age old gem stands always for positive energy and fights against negative forces. Rudralife collects these beads from Nepal as trees are grown only there and not in India due to the inferior quality production.

Rudralife has bracelets, necklaces and they also make chains for you with the Rudraksha you have selected. Rudralife also has the privilege of having the costliest and the rarest Rudraksha called the Indra Mala and the Siddha Mala. While Siddha Mala costs Rs.1,44,000, the Indra Mala costs anywhere in crores. They have Rudrakshas that have a unique combination and those beads are borne only once in a year at Nepal. These two mala’s bring about good health, success, material wealth, luck and prosperity. They also have Rudrakshas specially designed for students which is called as the Saraswati Bandh, one for good health that is called as Swathya Bandh.

A Rudraksha has mukhi’s or compartments on the outside which starts from 1 and goes on till 21. To know whether a Rudraksha is a fake one or not, all you have to do is check the inner part of the bead to see if the number of seed facets and the number of mukhi’s are the same. “From Sachin Tendulkar to Rajinikanth and Vivek Oberoi, Rudraksha has quite traveled a long way and it is now becoming fashion jewellery.

All Rudrakshas that are ISO certified and are priced anywhere between Rs.50 to Rs.51, 000 and above.

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Anitha R

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Posted by Sumita Patwa on 17 Sep 2009 04:56 PM
please help to choose the correct rudraksha for my life and business
Posted by sathish kumar on 27 Jun 2009 03:20 PM
great article Ms.Anitha. For a long time i was thinking why many people are wearing this rudhrakshams,but several hidden facts tat u hav revealed are absolutely mind blowin. Now i feel like getting one which suits my star and my profession.Keep it up anitha. your articles are really different and good.
Posted by Vishwanath.G.R on 21 Jun 2009 03:13 AM

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