Maison Des Gourmets in Chennai

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Located at Cenotaph Road, Maison Des Gourmets is store that is so unique, that it has revolutionized shopping in Chennai.

Subtle lighting and a transparent window displaying its wares, entices many a people to give this store a second look.

The brainchild of Atul Malhotra, Lankalingam and Vikram Phadke, Maison Des Gourmets is modelled on the lines of a classic European Gourmet store, and it is of no surprise So as you make your way through the store, one is delightfully assaulted by the sight and smell of fresh vegetables and fruits in all their various hues. Besides this, the store is also home to some mouth-watering desserts and pies. And that’s not all, an assortment of various kinds of breads, cheeses, herbs, biscuits and many more can be found here. Alongside the store, the warm aroma of a freshly-baked bread basket catches your fancy.

In fact there’s something for everyone. From pastas to pasta sauces to meats and spreads and many more, Maison Des Gourmets caters to a wide audience, looking for something new, different and a feel for the exotic, while storing one’s everyday needs. However, a word of caution, this place is likely to leave a dent in your wallet, but an occasional splurge is encouraged.

Furthermore, this store has a bookstore dedicated specially on cuisine and books by celebrity authors.

So go on, and indulge your inner delicatessen!

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Sep 11, 2009

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