The Moore Market

Moore Market Built in the year 1890, this aesthetic architectural marvel was situated in the hub of Park Town, Chennai and gave people the most remarkable shopping experiences. Every wall of this massive shopping complex has a story to tell.

Then, Moore Market was considered the most sought after place to purchase the rarest of the rare books, antiques and pets. They also had stores which sold authentic meat to people who would travel from far flung areas just to buy meat and poultry that was a mark above what was available. On the whole it was a completely exclusive shopping area, which offered people great experiences and better yet unique and rare products. If you want to hear the glories of this rather nostalgic place, you need to hear out old people who have great a strong association and bond with this shopping center in the good old city of Madras.

Today, Moore Market has lost its charm and it is considered a place not so unique and incredible, what is worse is that it is often regarded as a filthy and mysterious. People living in the cosmopolitan city of Chennai, find it more comfortable to shop in multi storied, air conditioned and sprawling malls.

Perhaps they fail to notice its true essence, but yes, this market still has a collection of some of the best and rarest books and also some very exclusive and special antiques. What has remained the same in this market is the complete experience of looking for the best product, bargaining your way through it and yes the most outstanding thing remains the air in the market is so conducive for shopping appropriately and finding the right products in the right shops and at great prices.

Let there not be any hesitations to shop from this historical and exclusive market; in fact we need to lift it up to a level that it had enjoyed in the past. Next time you want to find something exceptional and distinct, visit this place that is situated right next to the Chennai Central Railway Station.

Puja Prakash
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Jun 27, 2009