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For the week: June 23, 2014 – Sunday, June 29, 2014

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You will be designated some more responsibilities at the beginning of the week. A business deal may get finalized during this time. You may face some troubles in your domestic life. Though the middle of the week seems to be a good time but it is also important to listen to advice of your loved one’s. Try to avoid any unnecessary expenditure over the weekend.



Not so favorable at the beginning of the week with you being occupied with work, but their is a possibility that you may not get the desired results. But in the middle of the week, things will work out. Keep a control on your emotions, especially in matters related to work and romance. You will spend a good time with your friends with your past work bringing you positive results.



You may catch up with an old friend at the beginning of the week. It is time to listen to everyone’s advice but do what you feel is correct. Do not indulge in any kind of argument with anyone during the midweek. If someone provokes you and force you to indulge in argument, simply avoid it be keeping quiet! By the weekend you will be free from all the tensions and everything will be under control grabbing a profitable deal.



A favorable week for you. You may get your lent money back. An appropriate time to finalize a financial deal. You may attend a party or function near to your place. Your friends or lover may give you some surprise. However, the middle of the week is not favorable. But, by the weekend, things will be under control and will be in your favor.


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Building Collapse in Porur
All builders are looked at with suspicion. Agree?


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