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For the week: June 23, 2014 – Sunday, June 29, 2014

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You will plan a trip to somewhere nearby with your loved ones which will be full of fun & enjoyment. You will make some new friends as well as gain support from your spouse. But, do not indulge in any kind of argument with anyone!



It will be filled with unnecessary expenditure. Try to control your expenditures and be extremely careful or else you may have to face some situations where your expenditures may rise. So, work smartly and try to save your money. if you plan to go for some party or trip, keep yourself prepared for the same.



The week will begin with all your dreams being fulfilled with people around you supporting you. You will get love and blessings of the elderly people. Stay careful during the middle of the week. Restrain your unnecessary expenditure. However, weekend seems good! You may also go out with your friends having a good time.



It is advised to finish your pending works at the beginning of the week. Use your maximum energy at work. If you are planning to make some modifications in your savings account, this seems to be an appropriate time. Some tensions may arise in the middle of the week. But, weekend seems favorable.

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All builders are looked at with suspicion. Agree?



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Building Collapse in Porur
All builders are looked at with suspicion. Agree?


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