Weekly horoscope

July 02, 2018, Chennai

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Aries: Your successful phase continues. At work, it is your skill that makes your performance so special. At home, you will be highly successful in solving family tiffs.

Taurus: You are into shaking fruit from the money tree. There's no need to be more assertive, or manipulative.

Reveal your personal generosity and integrity.

Gemini: Your goals are taking a concrete shape. You are likely to put in use your earnings to a makeover of your lifestyle. You will be blessed with some wonderful moments to share with the people you love the most.

Cancer: Pull the reins of your expenses. All those related to media are bound to shine and prosper which will keep you even more busy in social activities.

Leo:  You may not have a very happy and pleasant time in your marriage at the present, it would be best advised to remain patient, calm and composed.

Virgo: Your family matters may not be very pleasing or soothing, and there may be some problems, which may lead to your mental disturbance. 

Libra: Your focus will lie in the improvement of the quality of life. You will work towards improving family ties, especially with children.

Scorpio: Your dreams and aspirations finally take a concrete shape. Petty quarrels in families are possible but you emerge with a sharper bond and a better understanding.

Sagittarius: Small problems may create disturbances in families but you will be able to deal with them wisely. With your temper well in control, you will be able to keep the family together.

Capricorn: Meetings and Deals will all be in your favor and fetch more gains. You are likely to excel in the art of communication with confidence and the great results will make you feel on cloud nine.

Aquarius: There are trips or small outings on the card as well. Some good news in your jobs like promotions or some bonus could bring joy and brighten the home atmosphere.

Pisces: A superb phase with the return of the feel-good factor in life. You will see your problems vanishing into thin air. Your self-confidence and the faith in God will return to bring back joy and happiness in your life.