Watch: Shocking CCTV footage shows two men dragging a woman on road, but no one helped

May 17, 2017, Chennai

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Hyderabad, May 17:  A shocking CCTV footage has emerged from Hyderabad showing two men dragging a women in busy road is going viral in social media platforms.

According to a complaint received by Amberpet police station from K Srinivas that his wife was abducted by three men.

Apparently, four years ago, K Srinivas borrowed Rs 4 lakhs from a money lender. However, he could only return Rs 1 lakh back. The annoyed money-lender has asked for his money back a lot of times and has even gone to their house multiple times. This time he went along with some of his friend When he did not get his money back, he said that the victim will remain in his custody till her husband pays him the money back.

This CCTV footage is really chilling to watch. The video shows the young woman being dragged with a man on either side of her. As she is being dragged, three bikes are following the trio. People on the street seem less bothered about what was happening. Nobody else seems to even care the least.

After the woman's son lodged a complaint of abduction of his mother against a private money-lender, police formed three teams to search for her.

The police used CCTV footage of the incident to find the registration number of the car which was used to abduct the victim. The police then alerted toll points and finally three of the accused- M Srinivas, Raju, and Sai Ram were arrested. The other three escaped. The police also said, “The victim sustained some injuries while they dragged her on the road. They also slapped and beat her up.”