Watch : Mysterious Gigantic sea creature washes up on the coast of Indonesia - Do you know what it is?

May 13, 2017, Chennai

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May 13:  A mysterious massive carcass was discovered on Tuesday eveninig on Hulung Brach, in the west of Indonesia’s Serum Island. Locals believe it has been dead for at least three days, but so far no-one has been able to identify it.

The creature was initially mistaken for a BOAT because of its gigantic size.

It is thought to measure 15 metres in length. Locals had initially thought that the mysterious species was an elusive Giant Squid, but experts say that it is more likely to be a whale.

The locals have called on marine experts to help them identify the creature. It is decaying by the day and turning the water around it red. Villagers have also requested the government come and remove it as the stench is worsening.