Swathi's murder is hurting Chennai

June 28, 2016, Chennai

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Chennai city has come under serious criticism last week with the murder of a young girl in broad day light at a city railway station. The central point of the criticism is that she lay there struggling for help for 2 hours. It is almost fashionable in other cities to criticise or make fun of Chennai.

It usually comes down to lack of style, loud movies, the party scene being not so cool...

This time around, the point is valid and Chennai should take this seriously. What are we expected to do? It is very simple, Dial 100. I have called 100 a few times over the years and I have been positively surprised.

In one instance, around 10 men were physically hurting one man. It did appear that the man at the receiving end had done something bad – but I feared that he would get seriously hurt or die. This being near a Tasmac, I was worried that alcohol might compound the problem. I dialled 100, moved on, but came back after 5 minutes fearing the worst. A police van was already there. A few minutes later I got a call back from the control room confirming that the situation has been taken over by an Inspector and if I wanted further action. Professional!

Inspired by this experience, over the years I have called and reported a few times. The response has always been professional. I have not been hounded.

Chennai is a city that cares, we do come out to help the next person. And, no, we do not need Tsunamis and Floods to show. Simple, one step forward, Dial 100 without fear. You would have done your duty.