Subramanian Swamy at it again

August 08, 2018, Chennai

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Subramanian Swamy, the leader from Tamil Nadu who is at best looked as a clown by the people of Tamil Nadu has done it again. 

Atypical to Subramanian Swamy, he has tweeted regarding Merina for Karunanidhi. His tweets make one wonder, what is he thinking or was he even thinking before tweeting.

He tweeted, 

"DMK should not make a fuss over Marina Beach. Insisting on burial next to Anna is mooda numbikai which MK hated. Gandhi Mandapam is equally prestigious. Remember TDK denied Rajghat for PVNR and Chandrashekhar  because they were not serving PMs. Rajiv exception:He was assassinated"

"Like in Sterlite agitation, the Elis and Naxalite rogues-with city sewer flowing out their mouths-have entered into “MK for Marina” campaign. EPS should show them their correct place in a constutional democracy—jail"