Students Hijack Bus

June 23, 2018, Chennai

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In an incident that would have given the Police men, a feeling of déjà vu, students of a city college hijacked a bus yesterday. What more, they forced the passengers inside the  bus to alight and they scared the motorists on the road too.

 A group of students, most of whom were from Pachaiyappa’s College, hijacked an MTC bus – plying between Triplicane and Anna Nagar (24C) — near Anna Nagar on Friday.

Trouble began at 2pm when around 150 students took over the bus when it halted near the college. Within minutes, they boarded the vehicle and asked the driver not to stop midway. Some of them opened the skylight and climbed on the roof, damaging it. When the driver attempted to stop the bus, the students banged on the vehicle, scaring passengers. A few commuters inside the bus were forced to alight, unable to put up with the noise. When the driver refused to proceed any further and got down, the students decided to take the wheel. Unable to put up with the mayhem, the conductor alerted the police who arrived after 30 minutes. Sensing trouble, the students escaped.

It is really high time the Police took stern action against the erring students. Counselling and informing their parents does not seem to work. Whether it is a student or somebody else, whoever scares the public and creates public nuisance should be dealt with sternly.

It is time the students learn to be disciplined, after all they are the future citizens of this country.