Stalking just took a dangerous turn with Swathi

July 01, 2016, Chennai

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Stalking a girl is that part of our social routine that is not discussed in the open. For some time now, we have all noticed boys and men, get dressed in style, leave home, get a sidekick and wait for their target girl. This is stalking. Everyone around these stalkers usually know this routine. The stalker is pretty religious about the routine.

Yes – you have seen it movies. As much as we conveniently point our fingers at the movies, movie stalkers have been heroes and villains – men and women. We do have a number of movies where the hero beats up his sister’s stalker – for some reason that did not seem to teach us a lesson.

Movies show men and women working very hard to achieve their goal – that did not inspire us. Movies show rich people giving away a lot of their wealth to the poor – that ought to inspire us. Let us not blame a form of entertainment for what has gotten into our heads.

Yes – sometime the fairer gender enjoys the attention. Stalkers are those who stay past the welcome.

Stalking has had its social sacrifice. It has to stop. The stalker is an addict and needs help. The immediate social circle around a stalker needs to be aware, where all this is going.