Shocking! 'Facebook friend' slashes girl's neck in Chennai

June 12, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, June 12: In a shocking incident, a man from Chennai slashed the throat of a 23-year-old girl at her home while her parents looked on in horror. 

According to the reports, the girl Sayeeda Saba Fatima (23) became friend with the attacker Safiullah (28) through Facebook.

They quickly became friends and were also introduced to each other’s family. They even started loving in few months.

“While Safiullah would attend all Fatima’s family functions, none of his kin would attend them,” said police. “Safiullah’s father disapproved of the whole thing.”

However, there was trouble in paradise as Fatima and Safiullah started having misunderstandings. This came to a head on Sunday. At 11 am on Sunday, Safiullah went to Fatima's house. Hearing the doorbell, the victim's brother opened the door. Saifullah pulled her out of the house. After a brief argument, he slit her neck with a knife he had brought from the fish stall his father runs at Royapuram. When Irfana's sister came to her rescue, he inflicted injuries on her left hand.

Fatima was rushed to Royapettah General Hospital where she is recovering. Police have taken Safiullah into custody.

Credits - Asianet