Music, Fun and Taco fiesta at Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant

June 13, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, June 13: Sera The Tapas Bar and Restaurant is organizing a one of a kind Taco fiesta filled with food, fun and music. Inspired by  famous San Diego taco festival, the ongoing Taco Fiesta at Sera The Tapas Bar and Restaurant serves some of the most delicious and crispy tacos with a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings to choose from.

Taco is a traditional Mexican finger food  which is popular worldwide for its great versatility and variety of fillings. Taco Fiesta at Sera The Tapas Bar and Restaurant offers three different variety of taco shells such as Corn taco shell (Crispy), Soft taco shell (flour), Bao bun tacos. Vegetarian fillings include Black bean taco, Spicy barbecue mushroom taco, Tai chin aubergine taco, Grilled parmesan zucchini taco, Three cheese taco, Cajun vegetable taco, Caramelized onion, jalapeno and cheese taco while non-vegetarian fillings include Sriracha shrimp taco, spicy Barbecue pork taco, Honey chipotle chilli chicken taco, Grilled fish  taco, Tai chin fish taco, Hawaiian barbecue chicken taco, Grilled beef taco.

The Vegetarian Taco are priced at Rs: 198/-* and Non-vegetarian Tacos are Rs: 228/-* and each meal portion consist of two Tacos.

For reservations and more information contact: 044 28111462