Know the methods to treat h-pylori naturally

May 12, 2017, Chennai

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May 12: Before knowing the h pylori natural treatment first let us understand the basic information about this disease and its symptoms.
For many years the main cause of stomach pain was blamed on stressed lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits like spicy and junk food as well as smoking and drinking.

But in the year 1982 the experts in the field came to the conclusion that the root cause of stomach pains as well as ulcers were caused by germs, the biggest criminal being the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori, H. pylori for short.

It is believed that the H. Pylori bacteria is the most commonly found bacteria and the world’s 60% population is infected from it but majority of them are never aware of its existence in the body. Usually this bacterium is contracted at a young age but adults are susceptible to it too. It is commonly found among the population which do not have an access to clean water and proper drainage system. 

What are the effects of the bacteria on the body and what are its symptoms?

As we said earlier most of the people do not even know that the bacteria exists in their body. But inside the stomach this bacteria is hostile to the lining of the stomach. The stomach walls are then exposed to the acids that the stomach produces to digest the food.


With the digestive acids attacking the walls of the stomach which are devoid of the protective lining it causes:

  • Stomach pain which can range from mild to severe.
  • Consistent bloating
  • Vomiting sensations and discomfort
  • Consistent burping 
  • Loss of weight and appetite.

The symptoms may further progress to cause peptic ulcers, infections and stomach cancers also. The presence of these bacteria is easily discovered with the help of blood tests, breath and stool samples.

What are the natural remedies for H. pylori?

Antacids and antibiotics are the allopathic regimen which should be followed to get rid of these germs from your body. But if you prefer natural treatments then following are the ways through which the H. pylori bacteria can be removed from the body:

1. Mastic gum: 
A person suffering from the symptoms of H. pylori might want to try the mastic gum which is a resin which is derived from the pistachio tree and which is a dietary supplement in the Mediterranean region. This ingredient has the power to cure peptic ulcers effectively with the help of least doses although how does it do so has not yet been confirmed.

2. Probiotics:
As the H. pylori is considered as bad bacteria, our body also contains good bacteria in it which are the Probiotics in the form of live bacteria and yeast. Our body needs good bacteria as well as bad bacteria on out body but to stay healthy the right proportion of both the bacteria needs to be maintained. This can be done with a proper intake of probiotics which are present in food products like yogurt and different types of fermented foods. 

3. Edible herbs:
Some of the edible herbs available are known to be an effective cure against the increase of H. pylori bacteria and can help toward them off from eating up the lining of the stomach. They are:
Curry leaves
Cayenne pepper
Garlic and 

The h. pylori should be treated, even if naturally under the observation of your doctor. Any intake you do in the form of herbal or natural supplements must pass the inspection of your doctor before administering yourself with it.