Kamal Hassan and the I am an Iyengar controversy

July 02, 2018, Chennai

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Kamal Hassan is no stranger to controversies. He once famously said,   “I refused to fill in the caste&religion column in both my daughters’ school admission certificate.

That’s the only way it will pass on to the next generation. Every individual should start contributing to progress.

Kerala started implementing the same. Those who do should be celebrated.

But he probably forgot what happens online stays online.

People have unearthed a video of his daughter Shruthi Hassan with Niranjan Iyengar in his talk show,

Look Who's Talking With Niranjan, where she proudly proclaims herself as an Iyengar and she tells the talk show host that “he is her ambadaiyan as he is an Iyengar and she too is one and there are high chances that they will not find anybody to marry them.” Find the video link below

Video link: https://youtu.be/IGsUURdYZpU

Would it not be better to practice what you preach Mr. Kamal.