IBM Conducts Workshop At Loyola Institute Of Technology

April 04, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, Apr 4: With the growth of smart phones, tablet PCs; etc the number of devices connected to the Internet is on an exponential increase. IoT is transforming how companies interact with the world. Companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the next five years — and the proliferation of connected devices and massive increase in data has started an analytical revolution.

In order to update the knowledge of the students, Loyola Institute of Technology has partnered with IBM to introduce engineering students to the world of IoT and contribute in the field of fast paced technology. 

During the 2-day packed agenda, presenters from IBM explained about the lavish amount of opportunity in this technology. The programme titled ‘IBM Watson’ on IoT, enabled students to develop applications using Bluemix platform. Bluemix account was created for 250 students and finally test were conducted to certify the participation. The students were also educated on IOT connect world , Nuts and Bolts Of IOT, Arduino Board and Raspberry Pi Demonstration , Drone  Flying and Turning your mobile phones into an IOT device.   

This was followed by an open power on IBM OPEN POWER ML / DL. Mr. Thomas Hubregtsen, a research staff member at IBM research Austin was invited to conduct a workshop on Machine learning / deep Learning. Deep learning is a fast-growing field of Machine Learning concerned with the study and design of computer algorithms for learning good representations of data, at multiple levels of abstraction. 

Loyola Institute of Technology, Palanchur, Chennai has signed a membership agreement with IBM Open Power foundation which makes it a centre for conducting workshops for Open Power platforms. The sessions of the workshop included the introduction to deep learning, neural networks, convolution networks and optimization of deep learning models. And also demonstrations, working in Nimbix Framework, executing the commands and running the program with final output.