"Iam a true Tamilian" says Rajinikanth, but Subramanian Swamy says superstar is scatterbrain

May 19, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, May 19: During the addressal, Rajinikanth said, after living in Tamil Nadu for 43 years and receiving the fans' appreciation, he has now turned into a 'true-Tamilian.' 

Looks like, this came as a befitting reply to Sarath Kumar's "outsider" remark against him, earlier this year.


"I am 67 years old. I lived in Karnataka for 23 years and in Tamil Nadu for 43 years. I have lived and grown with you. You have been truly loving and welcoming and made me a true Tamilian. If I have to live anywhere in this world that will be in Tamil Nadu," 

The versatile actor said he would take a decision on joining politics when the time comes.

Speaking on politics, Rajnikanth said there were good leaders but the system was corrupted.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has lashed out at Rajinikanth, saying the he should stay out of politics as he neither has the idea nor the qualifications to be a Chief Minister and added that he is a scatterbrain. Swamy also underlined that he never said Rajinikanth is not a Tamilian. Swamy also said Rajinikanth’s true Tamilian remark was not directed against him but for DMK.

Source - FE