This is how Vattal Nagaraj and Co. reacted to Sathyaraj's statement on Baahubali release issue

April 22, 2017, Chennai

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As we all expected, Sathyaraj did open up about the Baahubali issue as the Kanadigas are targetting Sathyaraj and wants to ban the second installment of the grand Baahubali. They demanded an apology from the Puratchi Thamizhan for his statement against Karnataka and its people for the Kauveri row.


Sathyaraj in his statement, regreted for his comments made during the Kauveri row which happened about 10 years ago. In his 3-minute statement he made things crisp and clear. He said that his office member is Kannadiga and he never had a problem. Even the Kannada movie industry approached him for few movies which he could not sign due to date issues.  He also said that he will not be silent when Tamil Nadu government or people such issues with the neighboring states or for any social issues that concern him. He also thanked his fellow actors, friends from the film industry, film industry unions and fans for the love and support. 

After this power packed statement, everyone was expecting for a reply from the Vattal Nagaraj and Co. They feel that Sathyaraj did not apologize outrightly. Also the statement was in Tamil and they are trying to decode what Sathyaraj meant. They and their expert laywers are discussing about their next steps and will be issuing a press release soon.