Guide to buying a genuine Rolex

June 09, 2017, Chennai

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June 9: Buying a Rolex is pure joy. No wonder then that the market sees some seven lakh watches sold every year. Sadly, widely loved for its timelessness, Rolex is also the most copied brand. The great demand shapes up a booming imitation industry. It is the appeal to wear these highly coveted but rare watches that brings us face-to-face with counterfeits.

How to protect ourselves from these fake specimens?

Well, for starters, if you have to buy Rolex watches in India, look for an authentic retailer. There are a number of them online and all you need is a reputable name. Not only will it cover you against imitation pieces but also it will present before you the most stunning collections. But do your homework well! You due diligence should not end here. 

Beware of E-bay versions. It doesn’t guarantee you authenticity. It is just a platform for buyers and sellers to get together. The platform is rife with fraudulent dealers and finding the right one is a meticulous affair.

This is so much about prevention. To spot a lookalike, our team of experts have curated a list of tips. Have a look:

1) A fake watch stutters- Cheap fakes have quartz dial movements. The second hand of an imitation would stutter while the hand movements are smooth in an original. But, if you can’t make a difference in sound, listen to the watch. If it is ticking, it is telling you it is not worth it. Rolex movements stand for superior watch-making. Rolex movements stand for superior watch-making. No duplicate can match the dedication, precision and knowledge endowed in every calibre movement.

2) A fake watch is light- The heft of the watch is a wonderful parameter to spot a fake. A real Rolex uses original materials and 904L steel. It is bound to be heavier.

3) A fake watch has basic winders- A real Rolex has a fine-crafted winder with grooves and engravings.

4) A fake doesn’t magnify date-A true Rolex features Cyclops lens over the date window that is known to magnify it by 2.5 times. A fake would show it as it is. Devil lies in the detail, they say!

5) A fake watch has lower quality markings- Serial and model no on a replica are made up of hazy tiny dots. In some cases, numbers have a sandy appearance due to reasons of being acid-etched. On the other hand, those of a true Rolex are deep and marked in fine solid lines. The markings glow in light when set at an angle just like a diamond-cut edge.

6) A fake watch doesn’t have proper stampings- Sometimes you will see watches with just the series/brand name. Sometimes watches wouldn’t have the crown logo. Also, some would show uneven fonts, inaccurate spaces. Pay attention! These are easy giveaways of inauthentic pieces. 

7) A fake watch will not have micro-etched crystal- Keep in mind that this tip works only for watches manufactured post 2002. The tiny crown logo is etched at 6’o clock position on the protective crystal. The minuteness of this feature makes it difficult to perceive with naked eyes but that also makes it difficult for counterfeits to include.
Rolex is an investment for life. Don’t let con-men take you for a ride. If you know of more ways to spot the difference, share it with us. We’d love to know!