Elevator from Earth to Moon: Chennai boy bags NASA award

April 04, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, Apr 3: An 18-year-old boy Sai Kiran from Chennai has won the second prize in the grade 12 category of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017.  This annual contest is organised by NASA Ames Research Center, the National Space Society (NSS), and San Jose State University.

The contest invited ideas from students all over the world to make human settlement possible on the moon. Sai proposed building an elevator connecting the earth and the moon to transport people and material to make the human settlement possible. His project proposal, titled ‘Connecting Moon, Earth and Space’ and ‘HUMEIU Space Habitats’ talks about building a 40,000-kilometre long elevator to facilitate the movement of people between the earth and the moon.

Sai Kiran, who began working on this project back in 2013 when he was living in Singapore, has written a detailed thesis on the subject. According to Sai Kiran, the first segment of the project is about creating elevators that could transport humans and cargo to the Moon so that humans can form their settlements there.

“The most important aspect was that of gravity as without gravity, humans won’t be able to settle there,” he was quoted as saying by the Asian Age.