A Dahlicious summer with a Shakespearean twist

May 16, 2017, Chennai

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May 22: Niteswar, 16 years, started his journey to self-development with the realisation that in order to succeed in his endeavours he first needed to develop the confidence required to say what he needed to say clearly and confidently without the crippling fear that was holding him back.

This summer he took the first step in this direction as many other customers at the British Council do- by enrolling in a course that would plug gaps in his repertoire of essential skills.

The course that Nitishwar signed up for was not your run-of-the mill English course- with lesson in grammar, vocabulary and the 4 skills. It was something more- an intensive, theme based course that focused both on linguistic and extra-linguistic outcomes- teamwork, presentation skills, project development from ideation to execution. Linguistic outcomes were tied to extracts from different works of two of Britain’s most well-known writers- Shakespeare and Roald Dahl. Not only did Nitish and his group explore select aspects of the language, they also did what Roald Dahl did with the greatest aplomb- they wrote a spoof of a fairy tale and then went further and filmed it in the classroom, edited the film and played it for their parents on the final day of the course.

Nitesh attests that the course has given him the tools to deal with his fear and prevail. He isn’t the only one saying this. Children as young as 7 years old who signed up for the Roald Dahl programme, put their parents through a most enjoyable wringer at the Dahling fun-fair designed by the kids themselves, featuring word games, puzzles and rhymes inspired by the man who gave them the BFG. Other 7-year olds entertained their parents with an enthusiastic, hip-hop rendition of Romeo and Juliet, a story they had heard during the course and which had moved a few of the children to tears. Yet others mounted a serious or spunky version of a Midsummer night’s dream having scripted the dialogues, directed the play and made the props all in a span of 10 days. The lively atmosphere, and energetic performances left the parents thrilled and the adrenalin-charged children crestfallen that the course, like all good things, had come to an end.

In the backdrop of the UK-India Year of Culture, this programme goes beyond introducing children to two stalwarts of British literature; it aims to nurture student’s creativity, imagination and love for a good story. It also encourages them to bring in their own local, cultural influences- an Indian spin to these timeless British tales. 

The next 10-day programme begins on Thursday 18 May 2017.

Interested parents can find more details about the course on the British Council India website - www.britishcouncil.in/english/courses-children/summer-school.

To register, contact our customer service team on 0120-4569000 / 0120-6684353,

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