Cornetto launches the new Pack of Sharing

April 21, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, April 21: With summer around the corner, everybody wishes to find ways to beat the heat. Everyone has a soft corner for ice cream, and of course no one likes to share. This summer, Cornetto ensures that you won’t have to share your cone with anybody, because there is plenty for everybody.

This March, Cornetto presents the Cornetto Pack of Sharing driving all your summer blues away. The Pack of Sharing offers 6 mini disc cones, with a mix of the Classic Vanilla alongside Classic Supreme Chocolate.  There’ s so much more to discover and share when all your loved ones are happy and together.

The TV campaign featuring Brand Ambassador Alia Bhatt shows her sharing a Cornetto Pack of Sharing with her group of friends when she plays cupid to two of her friends and helps them realize their moment of love.

On introducing the Pack of Sharing, brand ambassador for Cornetto Alia Bhatt said, I have always believed that happy moments can get happier when you are surrounded by the people and things that make you smile. I am very excited to join Cornetto in introducing the Cornetto Pack of Sharing which helps bring these together, because you experience a different type of joy when you share something you love with your loved ones.”

Sumit Mathur, GM, Ice Cream Division (Kwality Wall’s) at Hindustan Unilever Ltd said, “As a brand, we have come to understand the joy that consumers experience when they can not only enjoy the product but also share it with their friends and family. With the Cornetto Pack of Sharing, we aim to bring consumers together and turn every simple occasion into a celebration. With this launch we are also offering consumers the option to keep their favourite Cornetto always in stock at home.”