Cookery show warning: Don't try this at home!

June 29, 2016, Chennai

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From Shihan Husaini’s superfast and often careless bachelor cooking, to Nigela Lawson’s generous, sinful cooking often called food porn to the artsy earthiness of Keith Floyd, we all watch cookery shows.

Most often we live the show to just underline our inability to get to that meal in the next few minutes.

On other occasions we just realise that a missing trick ruined our previous stunts.

Irrespective of the cuisine, the chef and the dish at hand, all shows must have the end season, where the host, the chef or some random mouth is fed a spoon of the freshly doled out recipe and, you know the response…mmm! We get instantly inspired – the smart ones call their preferred food delivery and order the dish. This story is for the rest of us, who thought we could impress our dear ones.

Cooking inspired by TV shows is as risky as singing inspired by SPB, stunts inspired by Avengers or dancing inspired by Rihanna. Except, that cookery shows do not carry this warning at all.

Cookery shows will tell us all – but trying to follow their act is like learning swimming by reading a manual. In the interest of us hapless audience please insert ads for door delivery of that thing that made us drool or, have celebrities come and caution us not to try it at home. Especially for men older than 30 – do not try this at home!