Bigg Boss 2 – Trouble for Kamalhassan

August 03, 2018, Chennai

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Bigg boss 2 no stranger to controversy has courted one this season.  Neither the contestants nor the host are strangers to controversy. In fact, the contestants are selected based on how controversial they are or their lives are.  Kamal Hassan, the host has run into trouble now. There was a task last week, where one of the contestants was told to act as a dictator.


This has resulted in an advocate filing a police complaint seeking a ban on the show for "defaming" late chief minister J Jayalalithaa by portraying her as a "dictator".
Advocate Louisal Ramesh, in her complaint,  alleged that Mr. Haasan, the founder of the Makkal Needhi Maiam party, was using the show to further his political interests and charged him with speaking about Jayalalithaa in a "demeaning" manner on the show.
"Hassan and the production firm behind the show are portraying the late chief minister Amma as a dictator with an intention to bring disrepute to her," she said.
Mr. Ramesh alleged that while performing a particular task under the title 'Dictator', a participant was shown creating "difficulties for people".
One of the co-contestants is seen telling the person playing the part of the dictator that she was from north India and as such "did not know what happened to those in Tamil Nadu who gave a dictatorial rule earlier".

"The Bigg Boss-2 programme is defaming Amma, who gave a peaceful rule, by portraying her as a dictator. The show should be banned and legal action should be initiated against Kamal Haasan and producer Endemolshine India," Mr. Ramesh said in the complaint.