7 Top worries about your LKG child

June 23, 2016, Chennai

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For Parents | By Shubha Janardhan | June 23, 2016

If you are a parent of a LKG child, surviving one year of preschool is great, but now comes the real challenge – LKG.  This is the start of the formal years of schooling.  Even though your child has successfully completed preschool, you are still worried about how he or she will fare in LKG.

 Starting from if your child will fit in or not or make friends or will they learn or not can crowd your mind.

However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the top worries and that transition an easy one for you and your child:


Worry # 1: My child will not adjust well into a new school.

Children pick up a lot of things from you.  If they sense that you are nervous, they will also be nervous.  Remember, your young LKG child looks to you for encouragement and support.  If they see that you are super comfortable in that new LKG settings, chances are, your child will also settle in very well.  During this time, it is also important to have positive conversations with the LKG teacher in front of your child.  Introduce your child to the LKG teacher ahead of time and get them used to the school setting.

Worry # 2:  My child will start crying when I am about to leave.

Its all about setting a routine.  Practice how you will say good bye to your child ahead of time.  Maybe it’s a high five in the air or a nice hug.  Either way, get your child into a rhythm before you start saying bye in real life.  When the time comes to say good bye in school, don’t hang around.  Say your good byes and leave.  Make it short and sweet.

Worry # 3: I might find it very difficult to leave.

After talking to hundreds of parents, we find that this is one of the hardest things to do.  You might be thinking you are supporting your child by hanging around even when they go into the classroom, but you are infact making it harder for the child.  Put on that brave face in front of your child.  Smile and let your child smile with you!

Worry # 4: My child will miss me too much.

Of course your child will miss you.  He may even find it hard the first day.  But then, he will make friends and socialize with other children.  This will help your child to learn social skills and get along to be independent.  Focus your attention on how to get those skills rather than talking about how it will be alright to be away from mom and dad.

Worry # 5: My child will not make friends.

Every child is different and has different times in which they will open and make friends.  During this stage, the LKG child wants to hang around children but is also learning independent social skills.  He or she may not interact with other children right away but might sit next to them and play.  One thing as a parent you can do is set up play dates at home with your monitoring.  Another thing you can try out is to enrol them in a digital child development programs that train your child to identify those skills before they enter a school setting.

Worry # 6: My child will not work with the teacher.

If you are concerned that your child will not listen to the LKG teacher, then train them at home for the event.  The LKG teacher is a new adult in his or her life.  Your child has to learn to first trust them and only then listen to them.  Don’t expect miracles.  Give your child time and train them at home as much as you can.  Try to simulate a LKG setting in your home and walk your child through the routines in a LKG so that you are removing as many unknowns as you can.

Worry # 7: My child will not learn what they are supposed to.

Children at this age are just developing.  Some might develop faster than the others.  It is alright! Your young child’s brain, body and emotions are developing in front of your eyes.  Don’t put too much pressure on your child.  Develop them at their own pace and interest levels.  If they are not able to learn a new skills, help them practice it little by little giving them a hug and a smile every time they get it right!

When your child enters LKG, it can feel like you are entering LKG with them too.  You will want to worry and be concerned, but remember when you are courageous; your child will pick that up and be courageous too.  Helping your child learn new skills in multiple ways even outside the LKG setting is important.


Shubha Janardhan is the Co-Creator of Nidara.

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