Unknown or unused Applications of Google Android Application

Unknown or unused Applications of Google Android Application

Android is the world most popular operating system in most of tablets. The first commercially available phone to run Android was the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008. Google offers many Android Applications in the Market called Google Play. Not only Google apps but it works for all android app developers.

Google released many applications for the user but many users don't know the released products or use of that applications.

Google have launched nearly 53 Google Android application in Google Play, but only 20 are used regularly or installed in many smart phones and remaining have become unknown.

In that we have listed the usefull applications developed by Google which are unknown to many users

The Applications are

Google translate

My Tracks


Google Play Games

Google Keep

Car Home

You tube Remote

Quick office by Google

Google Authenticate

Google I/O Hunt

Google Maps

Chrome Cast

Cloud Print

Google Analytics

Google Apps look up


Google Admin

Google Adsense

Panorama for Google

Google Fiber (Not In India)

Google I/O 2013

Published On : Oct 26, 2013


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