Want soft palms?

How to make your palm soft  Wanted  baby soft palms then follow these steps. Wash your hands with warm water and moisturizing soap Put about 2 tablespoons of sugar or salt and a few drops of warm water on your hands. For seriously dry hands, replace the water with olive oil. Rub hands together, as you would when applying lotion. Do this for a few minutes. Take a small soft washcloth and put some moisturizing soap on it. Rub each hand all over, starting with small circles on the front and back. Rinse well in the warm water. Pat hands with a clean, dry towel. Apply lotion to hands and then wrap a hot, damp washcloth around your creamed hands so that all the lotion can soak in. Take some rosewater (available in specialty body and bath stores) and massage this quickly into your hands. Don't just do this once and expect the results to stay forever. Do it weekly. Also try creaming your hands with baby oil or lotion before bed so while you sleep, your hands can moisturize. Purchase a hand lotion to use daily for super soft hands. A lotion using lots of plant material. Use Vaseline. Keep in mind any skin allergies or conditions (such as sensitive skin) and test out lotion on a patch of skin before you apply to your entire hand.

Published On : Jul 22, 2014


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