How to cook leafy vegetables without losing its nutrients

How to cook leafy vegetables without losing its nutrients.

Wash the vegetables get rid of pests. But do not soak it in water as they will lose nutrients. Eating raw vegetables is the best way to get all nutrients.

Vegetables will start losing its nutrients once it is harvested so always make sure you buy the fresh vegetables also cook them immediately as refrigerating it also the nutrients will be vanished. Use very little water to cook vegetables also do not waste that water use it for soup because that water will have the nutrients. While steaming always close the lid of the vessel else the vitamins will get evaporated. Cut vegetables only after it is washed. Also remember that for some vegetables their skin will have essential nutrients. Also remember the vegetables which are grown under the soil has more nutrients in their skin so do not peel it before cooking. Vegetables which are grown outward has its nutrients only in its core area.

Published On : Jul 12, 2013


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