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Tata Class Edge

Tata Class Edge

September 25, 2015

Teaching-learning can be made interesting by following innovations in the process. The traditional lecture method is monotonous and students would easily get bored. Keeping this in mind, educationists and multinational companies concentrate on bringing out new teaching methods that would gel with the latest technological development. An audio-visual class would definitely prove to be interesting to a child, rather than a teacher's lecture.

Tata, who have been pioneers on various fields, have proved their mettle in the field of education also. Tata Class Edge is their latest innovation which is based on the Multiple Learning Model-an instructional framework developed by Tata Interactive Systems. This helps the teachers to deliver high quality instructions with an effective blend of classroom activities and multimedia demonstrations.

Tata Class Edge used in schools boasts of lesson plans designed to aid effective teaching, visual effects for complex concepts, worksheets to promote creative thinking in children, efficient use of teacher time through interactive teacher tools, usage of interactive whiteboards and non-obtrusive projectors. On the whole, teaching has been revolutionized by Tata Class Edge which is gaining momentum.