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Large Hardon Collider

Large Hardon Collider

September 25, 2015

The Large Hardon Collider (LHC) is a giant leap in the mankind after the landing of human on moon. This is the largest ever known particle accelerator, which produces high energy than any other instrument in the world. It is the biggest and best ever apparatus discovered in the world class engineering.

This equipment was first designed and built by the famous CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. They are the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which has been working on the process of finding the basic question of the world “how was life formed?” The answer was by building this greatest device LHC. This resulted in the tracking of process for the world life formation.

They found a “God Particle” which serves to be the link for the creation of the life on earth. Though they are yet to find the complete details, this LHC had led the scientist to lead to next step in the human existence.

The process in the LHC is the collision of 2 particles say 'protons' from two adverse particle beams. They use energy up to seven teraelectronvolts for this process. This results in the doubling of energy up to 14 teraelectronvolts. Since this process includes very large amount of energy release and absorption there are many defects observed in the instrument.

The scientists are working on the process to bring out the final result and the answer of the above question “How was life created on this earth?” by 2015.