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Hatha Yoga - Samadhi

Hatha Yoga - Samadhi

September 24, 2015

{S Sridharan was until recently the Managing Trustee, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai.  During his long association with KYM, he had the privilege of learning the nuances of Yoga Sastra directly under Yogi TKV Desikachar.  Sridharan is now an expert Yogi and a Yogic teacher.  In this series on Yogasutra, Yogi S Sridharan elucidates every aspect of YOGA.}

“A Yogin in Samadhi is not swallowed up by the Time process (death); he is not affected by (the fruit of) action (karma); he cannot fall under any influence (from persons, incantations, etc.)” (HYP IV-108)

A Yogin in SamadhiThis verse and what follows talks about the marks of the Yogi who has attained the stage of “Samadhi”. Since the Yogi has reached the state of beatitude, he crosses the limitations of time.  Also he passes the state of the cycle of birth and death which is time bound.  He has erased the effect of impurities of ‘klesas’ and his action will not thus yield fruits. Action done for the purpose of action and not with any motive will not bring in the cycle of experiencing the fruits of action, whether good or bad. He has no purpose in life and hence cannot be bound by any ‘mantras’ or ‘tantras’ of other individuals.

“A yogin in Samadhi apprehends neither smell, taste, form or colour, touch or sound; he does not cognize himself or others.” (HYP IV-109)

When the Yogi is in “Samadhi”, he transcends the mind and senses.  He is totally established in his Self.  His mind is full of Satva quality.  Otherwise even in deep sleep we do not apprehend smell, taste, form colour or the self and others.  But in deep sleep our mind is covered with Tamas.

“One in whom the mind is neither asleep nor awake (whose mind) is free from memories and of forgetfulness, which neither goes into oblivion nor into activity-such a one is indeed liberated” (HYP IV-110)

In the state of “Samadhi”, the Yogi’s mind is free of mental activities but is not in the state of ‘Deep Sleep’.  All the possible mental activities are stated above which the Yogi crosses through Yoga and is established in his Self.