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Hatha Yoga - Samadhi

Hatha Yoga - Samadhi

September 24, 2015

SRINIVASARAGHAVA SRIDHARAN{S Sridharan was until recently the Managing Trustee, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai.  During his long association with KYM, he had the privilege of learning the nuances of Yoga Sastra directly under Yogi TKV Desikachar.  Sridharan is now an expert Yogi and a Yogic teacher.  In this series on Yogasutra, Yogi S Sridharan elucidates every aspect of YOGA.}

“The entire universe is the fabrication of mind only.  The play of the mind is created only by thought.  Transcending the mind, which is composed of thought (transformations), find rest in the changeless.  Then surely O Rama, thou shalt find Peace.” (HYP IV-58)

Transcending the mindWe perceive the world through our mind and when the mind is ‘coloured’ with ‘impurities’, it results in ‘transformations’.  Such ‘transformations’ in the mind give rise to imperfect perception.  This leads to ‘misery’.  

Also, when the mind is focused on worldly objects, which are constantly changing, the resultant experience sometimes though happy cannot give ‘ever lasting peace’.

The ‘changeless’ is ‘atman’ and hence it is recommended here to focus on the ‘changeless’ atman and find everlasting ‘peace’ (shanti).  

The ‘samadhi’ or ‘total integration’ with the object of focus should be aimed at the ‘changeless’ ‘atman’, which will lead to ‘Self-realisation’ and result in ‘ever lasting peace’.

(More to follow)

Srinivasaraghava Sridharan