Top 10 Computer Lab Tips and Skills For Kindergarten

May 10, 2015, Chennai

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For Parents | By Shubha Janardhan | July 02, 2015

Using a computer, tablet or phone in kindergarten means lots of new skills to learn.

Here are the types of things that helps LKG or UKG children be successful, learn basic skills needed and tips for teaching your young child.  Many parents like to use age appropriate games and learning environments to teach computer skills rather than just teaching keyboarding or computer skills. Yet, there is a lot that children need to learn in order to do it successfully and learn to do basic trouble-shooting. Teaching young students how to think what makes sense when using a computer is extremely important in addition to using it to teach content like math or using skills in the computer lab.

What types of things help kindergartners be successful?

Learning to use a mouse is a challenge for young children who’ve never used a digital device before and for those who’ve only encountered touch screens. They are just developing their fine and gross motor skills.  But with a little practice and patience from your side, you can make your child a tech super star! 

Moving ahead, we have put together a comprehensive list of skills children need to learn to be tech learned in LKG or UKG:

Basic computer introductions kindergartners need:

  • The names for the parts of a computer
  • How to exit from a window
  • How to move a mouse accurately
  • How to hold the mouse still when clicking
  • How to click, double click and drag
  • How to press a key lightly so only one letter/digit is entered
  • How to log in/log off
  • How to turn on/off the computer and monitor safely
  • How to double click a shortcut icon

Medium skills kindergartners need:

  • How to identify that multiple internet windows are open at the same time (or tabs) and exit out of one or all.
  • How to use the backspace enter key and space bar
  • How to manipulate sound level through headphones
  • How to open/use a folder {not multiple… just one level of clicking}
  • How to use a scrolling button or the scroll bar on the screen
  • How to navigate websites using their schema of previous sites

More advanced skills kindergartners need:

  • How to type basic things (name, login information, a phonetically spelled sentence) using a keyboard
  • How to use the task bar to switch between open windows

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