Common Waste Games (CWG)

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Common wealth gamesOn Oct 3rd the biggest sporting event ever conducted in India, Commonwealth games will (most likely) get inaugurated amid questions if we need this extravaganza and allegations that India has bought the games.

The IOC – under whose authority, they acted no one knows – is supposed to have paid (bribe actually) USD 7.2 million to better the USD 5 million offered by Canada and bought votes from member countries to win the bid to host the Common Wealth Games.

The other desperate tactic adopted, for winning the bid to host the games, by the Indian officials was free accommodation, travel, free trips and other

additional economic benefits to participants and organizers.

Cost over runs are almost de rigueur for any Government project and for such a mammoth project as the conduct of Commonwealth Games, it is no surprise that the initial cost has no meaning at all, now – when the bid was submitted, estimated cost was 1200 crores while it is now estimated that the Games will cost 30,000 crores.

With so much of tax payers’ money on the line, the least one would expect is for everything to be ready on time and world class so we do not look like fools in front of the world. Sadly, that is not the case; with just about a couple of months to go, number of stadia and facilities are not ready and some of those that were supposedly ready have been ruined by rains.

Yesterday – 27th – while the Stadium was inaugurated, not fully complete, the swimming pool tile gave way and a 11 year old was injured.

Add to this the news that a number of top athletes in various disciplines, chiefly Usain Bolt, will be absent from this edition of the Commonwealth Games, and any sensible citizen will ask the question, why do we have to host these games? For whose benefit? What are we trying to prove?

We cannot also ignore the range and extent of human rights violations by the Government and private players involved in the Games which by many accounts are alarming and strongly contradict the purported mission of the Games.

The other questions being raised are:
When one in three Indians cannot get even a square meal, when 40% of the world’s hungry are Indians, do we need this extravaganza funded by our money?
Do Kalmadi & Co. really believe this builds ‘national pride’?
Would not long lasting genuine national prestige be built if resources are spent on providing food, housing, education, sanitation, water, and healthcare for its population?
On what basis did GOI give approval for the bidding?

You decide.

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L  Ravichandran
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