Leave them alone

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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To love and be loved is one of the basic human needs – the third level in Maslov’s hierarchy of needs, after physiological (1) and safety (2) needs.
Life does become meaningful with good relationships – with friends, family, employers, employees, public, State etc.

Love and be loved is something all of us want in our lives. All of us also want happiness in life or a lot of joy, at the least.

love and be loved

It is but natural that like anywhere else in the world, we (chennaivasis) want to have our share of fun and frolic. Unfortunately, there is this warped sense of morals touted by the cops and powers that be (it is another matter that these ‘advocates’ indulge in much worse things bordering on, if not downright, illegal), who take it upon themselves to spoil our fun.
I’m talking about the many restrictions that are in force in Chennai starting from dress regulation in colleges to pushing out people from the beach after 10 pm.
There are also restrictions on pubs and discos which have to close by 11 pm or so, private parties can never be safe from snooping, couples in a beach or in hotels or even restaurants are rounded by the cops, the moral police and our self styled culture mongers wax eloquent on how early to bed and all that goodie goodie stuff can make us all happy and help society etc.

For God’s sake leave them alone, those who want to spend time with their loved ones, couples who want to have a good time, teenagers who want to have fun.
It is no great discovery or any secret that those with right connections can still get away with ‘murder’.
Recent stories of couples being rounded up in Mahabalipuram, conman posing as a cop, forcing a threesome to withdraw money from ATM, a lady waiting for her man being harassed is a mix of harassment by rowdies and the cops, too.

What the city needs is vigilance; policing to ensure safety of its citizens giving no room for hoodlums and rowdies.
Free and unfettered, our lives should be.
"Take away love, and our earth is a tomb."
--Robert Browning

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L  Ravichandran
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