The Joy of Contentment

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Look at the following numbers and what do you notice?

1  2  3  5  6  7 8 9  0

Many of you would immediately have realized that the number “4” is missing.

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This is what happens in real life too.  We always think of what is missing in real life.
When money is there we don’t bother about it and when it is missing it suddenly hits us.
When our teeth are there we don’t bother about it and when it is missing the tongue keeps searching for it in the blank space. When you are in your own country you take it for granted and when you migrate to another country then you miss your country, your food, your people, and your language very much.

When you keep thinking about the missing, then the beauty of what is present with you is lost.  The reality is always what is there and not what is missing.   Missing is like a big hole, a bottomless pit and whatever you put into it, it cannot fill it.  You buy a big car and for a short time you like it.  Then your neighbor gets a new limousine and you feel so bad about your car.  Now the car does not hold any charm and your mind is already searching for the big limousine.   This way all through the life you will be always seeking and searching.

Connect to what is there and you will see a very great expansion in you.  When you look at your old car and connect with how much wonderful service it has given you.  How much joy you had when you had bought it?  How many wonderful rides you have had with your family?  And though old it still serves you so well. It takes you to office and does not even break down at the wrong places.  Can you comprehend how much it cares for you?  But do you care for it?

Recent science findings are that inanimate objects too have life in the form of energy.  The more you are in tune with them the more they give you the best of service.

Express and feel the gratitude of everything around you.  From people to objects, all need love and gratitude.  When you appreciate and have gratitude, the Universe decides to reward you with many more wonderful goods and supportive people.

If you like to go to places where you are respected, why should not the Universal Energy do the same?

Express gratitude and appreciate all things that you have.  From the shoes to the most expensive gadgets and then you will discover the joy of contentment.

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Suresh Padmanabhan
Author of I LOVE MONEY

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