Land Of Gandhi?

July 22, 2009, Chennai

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It is just not history. We have seen it happening. We know how austere Kakkan, Kamaraj and the like were.

The Congress MLA Gnanasekaran demanded in the Assembly that the monthly Allowance for MLAs for traveling by train should be hiked from Rs 15,000/ to Rs One and a half lakhs.

He also insisted that free air travel facility should be provided to tmem to visit their constituency.

Kothamangalam Subbu in his Kathaakaalakshaepam on Gandhiji used to mention how our post-Gandhian leaders would arrive in a Cadillac to speak on Gandhism!

Well, Tamil Nadu government chose to hike the monthly emoluments for its MLAs by Rs 5,000, allowing the members to take home Rs 50,000 per month. The move would cost the state exchequer an additional Rs 1.20 crore annually.

Congress MLA Gnanasekaran didn’t stop with his already mentioned demands. He insisted that housing should be provided for MLAs in Chennai city at an affordable cost and on easily repayable interest-free loans. This issue is to be discussed in the Cabinet meeting scheduled for today. And it is likely to be approved.

Gnanasekaran was not alone in making these demands. He submitted the signature of over one hundred MLAs to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister said that two and a half grounds of land in Chennai will be allotted to each MLA. Several acres of land will be required for the project. More over, the present MLAs are not going to be permanent MLAs. Does the Government intend to allot land to prospective MLAs as well? I feel this is not needed in the land of Gandhi.