The Pennagaram Game

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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kalaignarThe Pennagaram by-poll has opened up a political kaleidoscope. Of course none knows if and when the by-polls will be held, now that the Election Commission had withdrawn the earlier notification.

The ruling party is concentrating on all the welfare measures in that constituency.  The Deputy CM was there recently for a mega function.

The AIADMK has announced that it would contest the by-poll. Its stakes are high and can ill afford to ignore it. After Jayalalithaa had a chance meeting with Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, the party-men are enthusiastic. The DMK is so much upset with this development that the Election Commission had to come out with a denial of the charge of selective invites.

Dr RamadossDr Ramadoss, the founder of PMK is keen that he should prove the party’s ‘strength’ at the by-poll. He is without an ally now and is keen to have one. Neither the DMK nor the AIADMK is prepared to join hands with his party. They have had enough.

The Vanniar federation leader Ramamurthy says Dr Ramadoss has done precious little for the community and that they would teach him a lesson.

The worst scenario is for the Captain. Since the AIADMK and PMK are in the fray, his DMDK would get only the fourth place and it’s certain his candidate will lose deposit. This would be a further setback to the already rattled party, feels VIjayakanth. It is reported that he is seriously considering the option of boycotting the by-poll and instead concentrate on the production of his film that he himself directs.