Political Decency

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Jayalalithaa No law reaches it, but all right-minded people observe it. (Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort)

Fortunately for MGR, he was never in the opposition ever since he launched the AIADMK, excepting until the first Assembly polls.

Otherwise, he too would have been compelled to go through several court cases. That much for the bonhomie among political parties in Tamil Nadu.

Of late, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, now and then rues that political differences had overwhelmed relationship among parties in the state. Yesterday, he said he yearned for an environment found in national politics, where rival leaders maintain cordiality. "Even recently, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and BJP leader L K Advani met at a wedding and exchanged pleasantries. I felt so jealous seeing that," the DMK patriarch said.
His remarks assume significance as DMK and AIADMK never see eye to eye on any issue and their leaders do not even exchange pleasantries, reflecting the animosity between them. Both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi were mostly conspicuous by their absence in the assembly during each others’ chief ministership, making no bones about their hostility.
It is futile to do a research on who started the politics of revenge. It is a fact that thirteen cases were filed against Jayalalithaa and she has cleared twelve of them. Even in the single pending case Karunanidhi had very recently charged her of deliberately dragging the case.

M KarunanidhiWhen an allegation was made against Jayalalithaa regarding the Siruthavur Bungalow, a ‘Commission of Inquiry’ was instituted. A simple telephonic query at the sub registrar’s office would have established the facts. (It is another thing that after the ruling party hurled charges of land grabbing against her, now the Commission has cleared the AIADMK chief! The Commission has found that V N Sudhakaran, a former foster son of Jayalalithaa, and Ilavarasi, were partners of Bharani Resorts which obtained patta (title deed) "in an improper manner" after transferring land allotted to landless poor.)

The whole world knows that there is no other occupation of poromboke land in the state. There is no land encroachment anywhere. And, all ruling party members are always honourable men!

One cannot similarly forget the way Karunanidhi was arrested in uncivil hours and how a Union Minister was treated. Yes, those in the opposition are always held as wrong doers.
When this is the civilized way politics is being administered, political decency could at best be a dream.